Holy Week in Braga
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The graphic history of Holy Week in Braga, we can say, begins sometime in the 1940s with the conception of the first recorded poster of the celebrations, with the aim of announcing and promoting the annual edition of the Holy Week in Braga.


On this page, there are the posters that we have known so far. As can be seen, there are gaps in some years. If you know and have in your possession a copy, printed or digital, of some other poster not listed here, the Commission thanks you to send an email to info@semanasantabraga.com.


There is a printed edition in book format (A5, paperback, 72 pages), the posters of the Holy Week of Braga. If you are interested in acquiring it (cost: 5 € + shipping), please send us an email to info@semanasantabraga.com.