Holy Week in Braga
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Photography exhibition

Holy Week

a European perspective

Baena, Spain



Author: Juan Pulido Pariente


The sound of the drum (Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO) of the crowds of Jews, coliblancos and colinegros, marks Lent and Holy Week in Baena, a celebration that takes place between the rectitude of the processions and their particular Passos or reenactments, gestural evangelical representations with reminiscences of the sacramental autos. From the Baroque to the present day, they have remained the same thanks to tradition. Each of the brotherhoods of Baença should be understood as a composite of different brotherhoods and groups that come together in the same parade to demonstrate their devotion, developed in chronological order during the week. In the image, we can see Jews that belong to the "cuadrilles coliblancas" during Holy Wednesday, in San Francisco Street, where we can also see the drum of Baena.






Author: Juan Pulido Pariente


The image of the Nazarene Jesus of Baena dates from 1589 and is the work of Miguel Perea. It is an image that has an articulated arm to give the Holy bless. During the procession, it is accompanied by the Vera Cruz, Mary Magdalene, Saint Veronica, Saint John and Our Lady of Dolours. It is traditional that, during the procession, hundreds of devotees light up the beginning of the procession with their presence. A way that shows the tradition and the deep devotion of the people to their images. The picture shows the image of Jesus Nazareno on Mesones Street during the Holy Friday procession.





Author: Juan Pulido Pariente


Baena lives with special intensity the theatricalisation of the Passion through the Living Passions. These are scenes that represent different moments of the Passion of Jesus or biblical scenes, linked since their origin at the end of the 17th century to the Jews. Due to its catechetical purpose, it was promoted by the Franciscans who, in this visual form, made the scenes of the Passion present to the eyes of believers. In the photograph, we can see the representation of the Sale of Jesus in Constitution Square on Holy Wednesday. It represents the payment by the Jews to Judas for his betrayal. He is called by the Jews who speak to him and throw coins on a tray, which he does not accept and leaves. The scene is repeated three times and later the Arrest of Jesus the Nazarene takes place in the same square.






Author: Caminos de Pasión Office


Apart from the Jews and the Living Steps, Baena's Holy Week holds a large number of traditions that accompany the processions that take place every day of Passion Week. In the image, we can see the brothers and sisters of the "Trajecillos Blancos" at the entrance of the Conventual Church of San Francisco, belonging to the Brotherhood of Jesus in the Garden, founded in the 16th century, and which takes part in the procession every Holy Wednesday.