Holy Week in Braga
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Holy Week

a European perspective

Carmona, Spain



Author: José Ramos


The undoubted artistic interest of the celebration of Holy Week in Carmona is reflected in its admirable images, of which the oldest dated piece carried in procession in Andalusian Holy Week stands out: El Señor de la Amargura, made in 1521 by Fernández Alemán. Christian Marian sculptures produced by the hands of the most prestigious sculptors who have passed through western Andalusia.  Also of note are works by sculptors such as Ocampo, Montes de Oca, Pedro and Francisca Roldán, Castillo Lastrucci, Duque Cornejo, Hita del Castillo and the disciples of Carmona - Francisco Buiza and Antonio Eslava. In the image, we can see the Holy Christ of la Amargura passing through the Puerta de Sevilla, a unique enclave in the context of Holy Week in Carmona, since it is a construction that dates back to the time of Jesus Christ.






Author: Ramón Rodríguez


Carmona's Holy Week is a Via Crucis of the Passos distributed among its stone walls, narrow streets and hidden squares in an exercise of solemnity, devotion and beauty. The monumentality of the city itself is an exceptional setting for the eight brotherhoods. In the image we can see Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno inside the Church of the Priory of Santa María de la Asunción, a temple built between the 15th and 16th centuries. Jesus of Nazareth is the work of the extraordinary sculptor Francisco de Ocampo, 1607. The goldsmith's work and the cross made of silver and tortoiseshell are notable. It is important to mention that it is the first confraternity of the Brotherhood of the Silence of Seville.






Author: Francisco J. Pérez García


As if they were a royal procession, the processions in Carmona are distinguished by their solemnity and reverence. The different stages of the procession are accompanied by a large group of Nazarenes, acolytes who scent the way with incense. The acolytes carry lit candlesticks and insignia symbolising the Passion of Christ. Can be observed in this image the "station" of the Coronation of Thorns in San Fernando Square joining the official procession a few metres from the Priory Church of Santa Maria.






Author: Rafa Morales Mora


The devotion for their Holy Week makes the people of Carmona live this tradition every year with great fervour. One of the most characteristic moments of Holy Week in Carmona is the throwing of flower petals over the images of virgins as they pass through the streets and squares.

Every year, the San Francisco neighbourhood covers the streets with carpets of petals. In these streets and squares passes the palio of Nuestra Señora y Madre de las Angustias, an image by Castillo Lastrucci, 1963. The most striking features of Carmona's Semana Santa are the array of vestments of the brotherhoods, the embroidery, the gold and silver details. The canopy is the work of Hijos de Olmo y Cayetano González, 1939, acquired from the Hermandad del Amor in 1966. The gold and silver work is by Manuel Villarreal.