Holy Week in Braga
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Distinctions and Awards

Intangible Heritage of Portugal

The application process to Intangible Heritage of Portugal, is finished. That is, after 14 months of hard work in its preparation, the candidacy has already been submitted in the platform of the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage. Below is a period of 30 days of evaluation of the application and 120 days of public consultation. After which it will be announced the integration in the National Inventory List of Cultural and Intangible Heritage.


Intangible Heritage of Humanity

In the meantime, a team composed of several members of the Commission continues to prepare the candidature of Holy Week of Braga to Intangible Heritage of Humanity with UNESCO. This candidacy has already been launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UNESCO National Commission, which welcomed it very well. It is possible that even in 2018 it can be formalized, but it is a process that will never take less than 2 years to complete.


Declared of Interest for Tourism

Since 2012, Holy Week in Braga has been the title of "Declared of Interest for Tourism", granted by Turismo de Portugal, the first one awarded in Portugal.


Municipal Medal of Merit 

The Municipality of Braga attributed the "Medalha Municipal de Mérito — Grau Ouro" to the Lenten Commission and Solemnities of Holy Week in Braga, on December 5, 2012, the day of the patron saint of the city, São Geraldo.