Holy Week in Braga
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Geminations and Protocols

European Network of Celebrations of the Holy Week and Easter

The Commission of the Holy week is involved in a project to applying for a future European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.


Led by the Andalusian route "Caminos de Passión" (Passion Paths), the new network begins its journey with the founding partners Spain, Portugal (with the Holy Week of Braga), Malta, Slovenia and Italy, a total of nine entities, that organize, in their different geographica regions, ceremonies related to Holy Week and Easter.


About the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The Cultural Routes program of the Council of Europe was launched in 1987 by the Council of Europe to demonstrate, through space and time travel, how Europe's cultural heritage develops across borders.


A European cultural itinerary is a route that covers countries and regions that is structured around a theme whose history, artistic and cultural interest is clearly European, either by its geographical location or its content and meaning.



About the "European Network of Celebrations of Holy Week of Easter"

This European network of Holy Week and Easter celebrations is formed as a non-profit association open to all those religions and believers that commemorate the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and whose cultural heritage is a point of reference in their respective region and/or countries.


The Association intends to join forces and to take advantage of synergies in the consolidation of a model of conservation and diffusion of the material and immaterial heritage of Holy Week and Easter, while promoting these expressions of the different members and geographic areas involved as quality tourist destinations.


This association has, as founding partners, different entities, which promote and add value in the representation of traditions and emblematic festivals at European level, which are the following:

– The Italian Frederick II Foundation, Sicily, Italy, representing the municipalities of Palermo and Caltanissetta

– The municipality of Birgu, from Malta

– The Lenten Commission and Holy Week Celebrations in Braga, Portugal

– The representations of the Passion of Christ in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

– The Andalusian route Camiños de Passión, which represents the Holy Week celebrations of the municipalities of Alcalá la Real, Jaén; Baena, Cabra, Carmona, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba and Puente Genil, in the province of Córdoba; and still Écija, Osuna and Utrera, of the province of Seville

– Within the Spanish geography, the Holy Week celebrations of Orihuela (Alicante), Lorca (Murcia) and Viveiro (Lugo)


The project is presented here.



Reasons for the application
This Cultural Itinerary project is a challenging opportunity and a platform to broadcast and publicize the heritage related to the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter (where Braga will be inserted), giving it visibility at a European level and even worldwide.



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Twinned with Holy Week in Medina del Campo

Holy Week of Braga is twinned with Holy Week of Medina del Campo (Valladolid, Spain), with whom it also signed the first cooperation and exchange agreement. Visit the website of the Board of Holy Week of Medina del Campo, “As procissões de disciplina mais antigas de Espanha”.

The Commission intends to carry out other cooperation and exchange agreements with other Holy Weeks, in particular in Spain, and works towards this.