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Jorge Coutinho Award



The Commission of Lent and Solemnities of the Holy Week of Braga aims to promote the realization of the Lenten solemnities, valuing them.


Whereas academic research helps to improve understanding and, therefore, to dignify its achievement; and that the Commission wishes to express its gratitude to all those who, over the centuries and in the recent past, have made possible the size and quality that the Lenten and Holy Week ceremonies have acquired in Braga, the Commission has decided to assign the name of the Canon Jorge Coutinho to this Award, both for his commitment in this Committee, and for his dedication to the bracarense academy.


This prize will be biennial, with the first edition at the end of this calendar year (2018).



Brief biography of dr. Jorge Coutinho


Jorge Peixoto Coutinho was a native of Alvarães, Viana do Castelo, where he was born on November 7, 1939. He was ordained a priest, on July 15, 1962, at the Seminary of the Archdiocese of Braga. He passed away on November 9, 2015.


Canon Coutinho devoted his whole life to teaching, research and training. In 1970, he was appointed vice-rector of the Conciliar Seminary.


He was also moved by a special zeal for the most disadvantaged, as evidenced by his years as chaplain of the College of St. Caetano and President of the General Assembly of the Priestly Fraternity.


The degrees in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome (1965) and Romance Philology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Coimbra (1974) gave the Prof. Jorge Coutinho the solid bases to continue with his doctorate in Philosophy by the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga. He chose the dissertation theme "O pensamento de Teixeira de Pascoaes" (1995).


At the academic level, he taught at the Conciliar Seminary in Braga, later at the Faculty of Theology and at the Faculty of Philosophy, where he taught several disciplines, such as Philosophy, Philosophy of Knowledge, History of Philosophy and Philosophical Theology. He published three books, the most recent being "Caminhos da razão no horizonte de Deus. Sobre as razões de crer" (2010).


He has also published dozens of articles and reviews.


In 1985, he was elected canon of the Metropolitan Cabrio and Primal Bracarense, and in 2003, Arcediago do Cabido. In this area, it is worth highlighting the great contribution made by Canon Jorge Coutinho for several years to the organization of Holy Week, which earned him the recognition of the most diverse ecclesial and civil institutions.





1º - The "Research Prize - Canon Jorge Coutinho" is a biennial award established by the Committee of Lent and solemnities of Holy Week of Braga, to reward the best research work on Lent and Holy Week Bracarense, in various areas of knowledge, as , for example, Arts, Architecture, Economics, Religion Studies, Management, History, Theology, and many others.


2º- They are eligible to contest the Masters dissertations publicly in the year in which they compete or the year before.


3º - The Lenten and Holy Week Commission will indicate, until October, the Composition of the Jury, which will always be presided over by a member of the Commission, to be joined by other personalities from the academic and bracarense society. The composition of the Jury will be odd, will have a maximum of four vowels, and the President will have a casting vote.


4º - The candidacies are formalized through a letter addressed to the Commission of Lent and Holy Week of Braga, signed by himself and expressing his willingness to participate in the contest.


5º - The submission of applications implies the knowledge and full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this Regulation.


6º - Applications must be submitted each year, during the month of December. They can be delivered by hand or sent by mail (with the date of the December seal) to the Lenten and Holy Week Commission of Braga, Rua D. Paio Mendes, 4700-424 Braga and at the same time to the email info@semanasantabraga.com.


7º - In the second week of January, candidates will be informed of their admission to the competition, and also of their non-admission, if applicable, giving reasons.


8º - The Jury is sovereign and decides in total autonomy, and its decisions are definitive.


9º - The Jury may choose to award the ex-aequo Prize, for its non-attribution and for the award of Honorable Mentions.


10º - The Jury will present its decision at the end of next February, and the prize will be delivered on a date and event to be scheduled. Minutes of the decision-making meeting of the Jury will be drawn up.


11º - The prize has the total monetary value of € 1500.00, regardless of the number of works awarded.


12º - All information concerning this Prize will be made public on the Commission's website (http://semanasantabraga.com), which is the only official means of communication.


13º - The works submitted to the competition may, by decision of the Jury, be published on the official website of the Commission.


14º - The winning work will be posted on the Commission's website and, if appropriate, on other media.


15º - With the submission of the works, all the candidates give away their free copyrights, as regards the publication of the work on the Commission's website or in any publication edited by the same.


16º - All the situations omitted in this regulation regarding the award of the prize will be resolved by the respective Jury.


17º - All the situations omitted in this regulation regarding the accomplishment of this contest will be deliberated by the Commission of Lent and Holy Week of Braga.



Final Note: any questions should be addressed via email.