Holy Week in Braga
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Photography exhibition

Holy Week

a European perspective

Puente Genil, Spain



Author: José Alejandro de la Rosa Castilla


At half past six in the morning of Holy Friday, the leader of the brotherhood armed with bells walks through the streets to the Roman camp.  At dawn, the Roman soldiers march in search of the Terrible, as the patron saint of Puente Genil is known. This image of Jesus appears through the door of his hermitage before the images of the Christ of Mercy, along with the Virgen del Mayor Dolor, San Juan and the Magdalene.

A deep silence fills the square of Calvary. Shortly afterwards, the figures meet in the procession to make several bows and, next to the bridge, a representative of Pilate reads the death sentence with the Sermon of the Passage. The image shows a greeting of the people, to Jesus of Nazareth, similar to the one given by the Roman Empire to Diana.

This is an event that brings thousands of locals and visitors, which make it one of the most special and exciting moments of Holy Week in Puente Genil. The Pontifical and Royal Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno was founded at the end of the 16th century.






Author: Caminos de Pasión Office


The biblical orders of Puente Genil are one of its greatest singularities, parading within the processions as theological elements.  The first news of the existence of biblical figures in Puente Genil dates back to 1661. The brothers of the biblical orders draw lots every year to decide who will parade.

The chosen one will wear a rostrillo (mask), the wig, the clothes and the martyrdom of Jesus.

Throughout the procession, these images wander in the same position in order to clearly show the iconography of the person represented. In the image, the Biblical Order The Rebuilding of Jerusalem, which recounts the passage of Cyrus the Great, the Persian king who conquered Babylon and that allowed the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. Behind them is one of the Biblical Order figures The Story of Tobias - The Peace, which tells the story of a man obedient to God, Tobias who restored his vision after his defeated the devil with the protection of the Archangel Raphael.






Author: Jorge Orestes


The Roman Empire is the most numerous, enthusiastic and popular Order of all those involved in Holy Week in Puente Genil. Founded in 1871, the main objective of this (non-governmental) Order is to contribute to the greater honour and glory of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth, co-patron of the city with the Immaculate Conception, whose Shrine is traditionally climbed with sticks and music. This takes place on the Saturday before Carnival, the first five Saturdays of the Easter Time and on the Palm Sunday, in collaboration with all the other Orders, to prepare the Holy Week. They march in groups of different colours, wearing a golden helmet and a white or black plume. Their costume consists of a satin or velvet corset, a fringed skirt, white socks, silk boots and a cloak. They carry a sword or alabard (a weapon of the Middle Ages) in one hand and a shield in the other. Some carry banners and flags, others carry musical instruments. In the photo, the Grana Squadron of the Roman Empire parades along Calle Don Gonzalo on Holy Friday morning.






Author: Jorge Orestes


The figures of the Devil and Death, march along Calle Don Gonzalo representing their triumph over the human race. They belong to the biblical Order of the Apostles who, with hoarse drums and simulating the roar of the night, follow them through the procession on Holy Friday night.